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Voted One of the Top 8 Most Inspirational People of All Time
Speaker | Performance Coach | Adventurer | Author: Keep Climbing & Everest, Being Unstoppable
Everest | 7-Summits | Hawaii Ironman | South and North Poles

2-Time Terminal Cancer Survivor | 14-Day Prognosis | Year-Long Coma | 1 Lung |

Meet Sean Swarner.

Sean Swarner, is a living legend whose conquests defy the limits of human achievement. Becoming the only person in history to conquer Mount Everest, the highest peak on every continent, ski to both Poles, and complete the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship (after two terminal cancers and with one lung), Sean stands as a testament to the indomitable power of the human spirit. Empowering millions with his resilience and unwavering determination, Sean's story transcends borders, showing us all that with boundless courage and the proper tools, anything truly is possible.

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Before we head to the next mystery city, we have four weeks of bonus episodes, talking to a mountain climber, a realist painter, a veteran comedian & an author living in Ciudad Morazan, Honduras (a free city with entrepreneurial governance). Dates: June 11th - July 7th!

Fourth stop: Jerusalem, Israel

העיר הנצחית | The Eternal City

Jerusalem, a timeless beacon nestled in the heart of the Land of Israel, embodies the convergence of faith, history, and resilience. As the cradle of the Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—Jerusalem stands as a sacred nexus, where the divine presence is palpable in every stone, every prayer, and every shared moment of reverence.

This ancient city, with its storied past and enduring spirit, bears witness to the ebb and flow of civilizations, yet remains steadfast in its resolve to endure. Through conquests and conflicts, Jerusalem has risen time and again, a testament to the indomitable resilience of its inhabitants and the unwavering faith of its pilgrims, guided by the hand of the Creator.

Wander through the narrow alleyways of the Old City, where the echoes of prophets mingle with the aromas of incense and spices. Each step unveils layers of history, each wall whispers tales of triumph and tribulation, weaving a tapestry of human experience that transcends time itself.

"Jerusalem is a festival and a lamentation. Its song is a sigh across the ages, a delicate, robust, mournful psalm at the great junction of spiritual cultures." - David K. Shipler

"Cities are built of bricks and stones, but Jerusalem is built of dreams and prayers." - Yitzhak Rabin

"In the heart of Jerusalem beats the pulse of the divine, where the resilience of the human spirit finds solace in the embrace of the eternal." - Elie Wiesel

Third stop: Edinburgh, Scotland

Auld Reekie

A city draped in the ethereal mists of its past, beckons explorers into a realm where time is but a whisper among ancient stone walls. The haunting silhouette of Edinburgh Castle atop Castle Rock stands as a sentinel to centuries, echoing with the whispers of kings and queens who once tread its corridors. Descend the cobblestone streets of the Royal Mile, where the air is alive with the harmonious hum of bagpipes, weaving a melody that transcends generations.

As twilight descends, the city reveals itself anew, adorned in the soft luminescence of streetlights. Edinburgh becomes a dreamscape where the past and present coalesce, where the ancient and modern share a timeless dance.

"The most beautiful of all the capitals of Europe." - Sir John Betjeman

"Edinburgh is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again." - Alexander McCall Smith

Second stop: New Orleans, Louisiana

The Captivating Crescent City

Distinct in myriad dimensions—culturally, gastronomically, and historically—New Orleans bewitches and dazzles. The city's heartbeat syncopates with the jazz notes drifting from the French Quarter, where history veils itself in the patina of wrought-iron balconies and the rainbow hues of Creole cottages. Navigating its streets feels like dancing to the syncopated rhythm of a second-line parade, where the scent of gumbo wafts through the air, and the spirit of Mardi Gras is a year-round celebration.

 "New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin." - Mark Twain

 In the words of Louis Armstrong, the city's beloved son, "There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better."

First stop: Venice

Off to Venice, Italy. The most serene & sublime city of magic.

Beautiful Serenissima. 

Unique in almost every way: environmentally, architecturally, and historically, Venice enchants and enthralls. She is resilient, enchanting & mysterious. She is the home of many miracles her inhabitants perform out of necessity.  She floats on a lagoon carrying dreams and art, bridges and food, churches and museums, memories of conflict and peace.

Friedrich Nietzsche said about the city;  “When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice.”

Every City Has a Personality

Most cities are living breathing organisms with electricity, a personality, and a story.

The culture, values, & traditions of a city evolve throughout its history. Seemingly inconsequential events can shape a city's zeitgeist & traditions forever. How they do business, how they welcome visitors, or what they create.

The truth is, it's the people who write a city's story. And that's what this podcast is all about: listening to the stories of citizens on their own quest to express themselves in the city that supports them.

  In this podcast, we will get to know the cities each guest calls home, listen to their story, and hopefully provide some inspiration to travel and begin your own quest. 

Board The Quest Express with me as we journey across the world together.


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