Venice, Italy

To her creativity that has never stopped.

Venice, the timeless enchantress of cities, is a soul wrapped in the silk of history's embrace. Born from the lagoon's embrace, she is the embodiment of resilience, her essence intertwined with the ebb and flow of the tides. Her ancient heart bears the weight of a thousand stories, whispered by the cobblestone streets and echoed through the opulent palazzos that stand sentinel over her winding canals. 

Venice's soul, like a gondolier's serenade, navigates the waters of time, a testament to human ingenuity and an enduring love affair with the sea. She is the shimmering mirage of the past, forever beckoning explorers to wander her labyrinthine alleys and bask in the ethereal beauty of her existence.

Cities + Schedule

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November 11, 2023:  Venice: Ep. 1: Environment is Everything

November 14, 2023: 

November 16, 2023:

November 18, 2023:

November 21, 2023:

November 23, 2023:

November 25, 2023:

November 28, 2023:

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December 2, 2023:

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December 7, 2023:

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