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In each episode we'll interview people with a strong connection to the city they live in, how they began their Quest to Express themselves and what they're working on next.

Episode 1 - Environment is Everything: Hengrave Hall, The Gold Rush & The Silk Road

In this episode, we explore these topics: environment, migration, The Quest, and slow travel. What happens when you manufacture wombs that support your quest? From Hengrave Hall to the 1849 brothels of San Francisco, to the collision of cultures on The Silk Road trade route, everything matters, and the environment is everything.  Also, what do Bob Dylan, Julia Child & Nelson Mandela have in common?

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Episode 2 - Meet Founder, Entrepreneur & Musicologist Paul Atkin:  Why Teatro San Cassiano Belongs in Venice

Paul Atkin is Founder of Teatro San Cassiano and he's reconstructing the original Teatro San Cassiano of 1637 to restore historically-informed Baroque opera to Venice. This project is expected to provide 300 jobs and restore a part of history by reimagining the Teatro San Cassiano and Venice's greatest gift to the world: opera. 

Click on the lower right corner, to Become a Founder of Teatro San Cassiano: www.teatrosancassiano.it

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Episode 3 - Echoes of Teatro San Cassiano with Paul Atkin: Pulling Back the Curtain

The reconstructed Teatro San Cassiano will be the only fully active Baroque opera theatre in the world. Its iconic status will provide the perfect conditions for it to become the world’s foremost center for historically-informed Baroque opera, attracting the world’s greatest conductors, singers, and musicians. 

We’re pulling back the curtain for all music lovers, time travelers, audiences, and investors who are ready to be a part of Teatro San Cassiano's legacy.

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Episode 4 - How to Etch Your Name in Venetian History: Get Involved Today

Paul extends a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for either individuals or organizations to become a Founding Member of San Cassiano, and to etch their name in Venetian history. Please share this episode if you know of someone who would be honored to support this mission and learn about Founder opportunities here: info@teatrosancassiano.it

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Episode 5 - Meet Marco Gandini: Historical Author & Milanese Venetian

Marco Gandini is Milanese-born and has lived several years in both London and now currently resides in Venice. In 2022 he published a book in Italian on the history of the origins of Venice, an English translation of which is in the pipeline. He’s currently writing a book following Marco Polo’s itinerary from Venice to China.

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Episode 6 - Pippin, Trade Route Shifts & Architectural Influences

Marco Gandini shares a few defining moments of Venetian history, the impact of the Ottoman Empire and two ambitious explorers on Venetian trade, and how the aristocracy responded to impacts on trade routes during the 16th century. 


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Episode 7 - Marco Gandini & Marco Polo

In the last episode, Marco Gandini discusses Marco Polo - the subject of his book expected in early 2024.  Learn why the Polo family was indispensable to Khan and some of the unique missions he sent the Polos on. In this episode, we'll discuss: The three Polos and why Khan needed them and other cultural events in the summer.

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Episode 8 - Luisella Romeo: Certified Tourist Guide & Native Venetian

Luisella Romeo is a certified tour guide whose family has been in Venice since the mid-18th century. We discuss the road to where she is now, and why no two tours are ever the same. You can book her for private tours & experiences here.

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Episode 9 - Beyond Brochures: Accessible Adventures & Tailored Tours

A review of Luisella's tours & experiences:

"She has this rare ability to bring history to life whereby I felt inside looking out rather than the other way around."

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Episode 10 - The Most Political of the Arts & Salons in Venice

In this episode, we dissect archaeological clues, architecture, and the restrictions on women in Venice. Book Luisella for your next trip to Venice here: www.seevenice.it

  • How archaeologists and fishermen work together
  • What the ruins revealedWhat is the most political of the arts?
  • Who founded Venice?
  • And the first Venetian woman to graduate

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Episode 11 - Raffaele Dessi: A Renaissance Man Time Travels

A native Sardinian, Raffaele Dessi shares what caused his wide variety of interests, curiosity, and love for Venice. We discuss how fashion evolves and the cost of war as well as:

  • What type of environment creates an insatiable curiosity
  • The influence of Lady Oscar on Raffaele
  • Why Venice never looks the same twice
  • Bringing out the light and gift of historical dance

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Episode 12 - What You Must Never Do When Dancing the Menuetto & Palazzo Living on the Canal Grande

Raffaele shares with us:

  • What makes Venice unique
  • The events in Venice artists shouldn't miss
  • Spring Festivals you might want to attend
  • Why renting a Palazzo is different in Venice than Florence
  • What you should never do when dancing Mr. Darcy style....

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Episode 13 - Solomon's Knot, Casanova's Hidden Talents & Things to Do in Venice

VENICE: If you've ever wanted to know the real story behind Vespucci, Galileo & Casanova, listen to the last episode in our 3-part series with modern-day renaissance man, Raffaele Dessi. You can follow him on IG @raffaeledessi

  • The mystery of a 2nd century tunic & Nodo di Salomone
  • Venice & diversity many years ago
  • What you don't know about Casanova
  • America's "jewels" during the Renaissance period

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Episode 14 - The Off-Grid Challenge for Humans: Restoring Sanity, Creativity & Cohesion to Society

HAWAII: What happens when you spend a month living off-grid in Hawaii? Have you ever put your phone on airplane mode for a weekend to calm your nervous system? Could off-grid living be a first step towards restoring Western civilization?

Apply for off-grid weekend & 2-week experiences here

Buy Kamal Ravikant's book "Live Your Truth" here

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Episode 15 - Monica Cesarato: Food & Travel Blogger, Culinary Guide, Podcaster & Author

VENICE: We are setting the table for a culinary & travel expert on Venice, Monica Cesarato.  Visit her website here.

Monica Cesarato is a Travel & Food blogger, podcaster for Venice Talks and a food guide from Venice.  She wrote a book about Cicchetti called "Andar Per Bacari" and she has appeared in numerous TV shows talking about Venice and food.

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Episode 16 - Cicchetti, "Andar Per Bacari" & Venetian "Pub Crawls"

VENICE: Monica Cesarato talks about her mother's cooking, the cicchetti "pub crawl" and what makes Venetian food so different from other regions in Italy.

  • What makes authentic Venetian food so different from other regions
  • Where are the fruits and vegetables sourced
  • Where can you go back in time over 60 years?

1960's Restaurant mention: go visit Osteria La Scuela and tell them Monica sent you

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Episode 17 - There's a New Mayor in Town & What You Don't Know About Venice

VENICE:  In this episode, we imagine what food guide, blogger & podcaster, Monica Cesarato would do for Venice if she was the mayor. We also discuss the famous banner on the canal and her year-long journey with "Venice Talks."

  • Monica's format and journey as a podcaster for "Venice Talks"
  • The Word Association game
  • How Venice feels about the mafia
  • What Mayoress Monica would do for Venice

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Episode 18 - Chas Carner: Author of Venice Walks & The Navigating Venice Project

VENICE:  In our final week in Venice, we meet New Yorker, Chas Carner who is an award-winning NYC-based print, television, and other media writer.

He’s traveled to Venice over 30 times, collecting friends, artists, stories, favorite sites, and hints for fellow travelers, and other “eager tourists" like himself.

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Episode 19 - The Painting, The Church & The Courtesan

VENICE:  In the last episode we left the crypt at the bottom of a church (San Zaccaria) in the 9th century. What will we find inside? Why was Giovanni Bellini's painting so earth-shattering for the times, and Who's That Girl - Angela de Moro?

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Episode 20 - How a True Venetian Would Respond to Gang Rape 

VENICE: Today we conclude our final episode with Chas Carner where we uncover how one of the world's most famous courtesans who was left for dead, rose to even greater prominence after gang rape of 81 men. Was Angela de Moro La Zaffetta or La Fenice?  

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Episode 21- Leaving Venice with a Few Recipes Old & New

VENICE:  Do you know how the Bellini was born and that it may never have happened if it weren’t for the trials and tribulations of an American named Harry Pickering? We can’t leave our final episode on Venice without leaving a few recipes behind. 

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Episode 22 - Michael Bill: Ghost Hunter & Paranormal Investigator 

NEW ORLEANS: Michael Bill, our first New Orleans guest has been the lead paranormal investigator at 1022 Royal Street for many years with the help of Oz and The Priestess Claudia. His 11 years of experience and his interest mainly in ITC research. He has been in Vogue magazine with Elle Fanning, The Travel Channel's Haunted USA, and been featured with Leeanna Vamp in her show Ghosted. Go on one of his tours: https://premierxtours.com/

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Episode 23 - Cemeteries, Ghost Hunting & Hauntings 

NEW ORLEANS:  We continue the discussion with paranormal investigator & ghost hunter Michael Bill.  In this episode, we learn about how Michael got started, the difference between hauntings & poltergeist, a childhood experience with a seance, and how to experience one of Michael's tours in person. 

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Episode 24 - Where to Get the Best...in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS:  Mardi Gras starts January 9th, will you be there? If you are, or plan on being there in January or February, check out today's episode for Michael Bill's tips on where to eat, drink, and what not to do on Bourbon Street!

And don't forget to go here and ask for Michael to schedule a tour!

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